Tales of Another Direction Vol. 1 & 2

Tales of Another Direction Vol. 1 & 2

Tales of Another Direction Vol. 1 & 2 (Melting Records)

Als ich vor kurzem Tales of Another Direction Vol. 2 das erste mal in den Händen hielt, ist mir aufgefallen, dass ich zum ersten Teil nicht ein Wort in dieses Internetz geschrieben habe. Das hole ich dann hiermit auch gleich mal nach. Von beiden Platten (MR003; MR007) hat das griechische Label Melting Records je 500 Kopien pressen lassen. Vom ersten Teil sind noch ca. 30 Exemplare auf Bandcamp verfügbar, von Vol. 2 dürfte es noch ausreichend geben. Holt Euch beide, es lohnt sich.

Trackliste – Tales of Another Direction Vol. 1

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Side A

1. Savages – The Ascent 03:20
2. Savages – Fun (Napz Remix) 04:46
3. Kognitif – Moonless Night 02:48
4. Al’Tarba – Felix The Brat 02:24
5. The Crows (Brak & DJ Moya) – Roll it 02:40

Side B

6. Madball Scientists – Leaving The Dust (Melting Edit) 03:13
7. Renegades Of Jazz – Melted Snow (Hugo Kant Remix) 04:33
8. SomehowArt – Don’t Look Back 02:50
9. Q Funktion – True Love 03:58
10. S’il Vous Play – Tales of You and Me 03:37

„Tales of Another Direction is a compilation of tracks gathered from our favourite beatmakers. The jazzy-cinematic theme is present throughout the whole project, each artist adding his very unique atmosphere. From the jazzy and acoustic vibe of Savages to Kognitif’s abstract beats as well as the powerful snares of Al’Tarba and the typical jazz breaks of Hugo Kant, you will recognize the influence of many genres. Dusty samples and heavy breaks are common elements on the production method used by these talented artists from the downtempo/abstract trip-hop scene. A project with a very symbolic meaning to our label.“

released April 22, 2015

Trackliste – Tales of Another Direction Vol. 2

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Side A

1. Screenatorium – Flyentists 03:59
2. Keno – Deep Water 04:35
3. Kognitif – Flamant Rose 03:26
4. Skinshape & J. Moody – Oboe Diddly 04:00
5. smallFall feat. Vassilina – Phoenix 04:12

Side B

6. Niles Phillips – Growth Strategies 05:47
7. Madball Scientists – Sometimes It’s Voodoo 03:11
8. Billa Qause & Mononome – Primeira Sessão 04:05
9. El Jazzy Chavo – N‘ It Goes Like That 03:02
10. Hashfinger – Everything 02:16


11. Gustavsite feat. Basile Rey – Thoughts 03:20

„Greece’s Melting Records close out 2017 with welcome return of the Tales of Another Direction compilation, now in its second volume. Tales of Another Direction Vol. 2 brings back some exciting Melting Records mainstays and introduces promising new talent, confirming the label’s ear-to-the-ground taste-making prowess. The ten track collection – not including the ‚bonus track‘ – is an aural journey in the best sense of the term, leading the listener down a jazzy pathway paved with trip hop, downtempo, and chilled electronic delights.

Tales of Another Direction Vol. 2 opens with the seductive ‚Flyentists‘ by French producer Screenatorium, featuring beautiful, smokey vocals and hazy, lazy rhythms. ‚Deep Water‘ – by Renegades of Jazz side-project Keno – continues this intoxicating vibe with its beachside sounds, organ and loungey horn loops, and beckoning female vocal snippets. Other strong highlights include the classic trip hop sound of Kognitif’s „Flamant Rose“, Skinshape and Jon Moody’s ’70s noir throwback ‚Oboe Diddly‘, the tough, choppy beats and trippy sitar of ‚Growth Strategies‘ by Niles Philips (Timewarp, Inc), and the hypnotic ‚Primeira Sessão‘ by MPC bandits Billa Qause and Mononome.

There’s so much more to enjoy on Tales of Another Direction Vol. 2. Crucial cuts from smallFall, Madball Scientists, El Jazzy Chavo, Hashfinger, and a bonus by Gustavsite are also included, and the amazing cover art by Kanellos COB also can’t be ignored. Melting Records come correct once again, setting the stage for exciting releases in the new year and beyond.“

released December 20, 2017


Meine Wertung: 9/10 für Tales of Another Direction Vol. 1 & 2. Beide Sampler bestechen mit jazzigen Samples und einer coolen Mischung aus Trip Hop und Instrumental Hip Hop. Auch hier kommt wieder zum tragen, was ich an diesen Compilations besonders mag: Various Artists. Viele, zum Teil mir unbekannte, Produzenten haben die beiden Platten mit knisternder Musik gefüllt. Von Vol. 1 kannte ich lediglich SomehowArt, bei Vol. 2 ist El Jazzy Chavo meine bekannte Grösse. Will heissen, es gab wieder eine Menge Neues für mich zu entdecken. So muss das und so macht das richtig Spass!

Favoriten: Savages – Fun (Napz Remix) und Q Funktion – True Love von Vol. 1 sowie smallFall feat. Vassilina – Phoenix und Madball Scientists – Sometimes It’s Voodoo von Vol. 2

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