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Golden Ticket Tapes 001 – 003

Golden Ticket Tapes 001

Golden Ticket Tapes 001 – 003

Über die Golden Ticket Tapes wollte ich schon lange mal ein paar Wörter verlieren. Warum also nicht jetzt? »Platform and magazine for lovers of finest instrumental hiphop, inspiring soundtracks, urban culture and laidback days.« So beschreibt man sich selbst. Zudem haben der oder die Macher noch eine andere Passion und die heisst Beat Tapes. Die Golden Ticket Tapes 001 – 003 sind bisher erschienen. Produziert wurden die ersten drei digitalen Alben von jeweils einem Beatschmied. IAMPAUL, Alfred Quest und Tilmann Jarmer heissen die Protagonisten, die richtig guten und chilligen Instrumental Hip Hop abgeliefert haben. Alle drei Teile stehen bei Bandcamp für jeweils 5 Euronen zum Download / Stream bereit. Ich bin schon voll gespannt, wann und mit wem Nr. 004 erscheinen wird.

Viel Spass beim reinhören!

Golden Ticket Tapes 001 by IAMPAUL

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1. Upminded 02:46
2. Come Up With No Hectic 02:15
3. Lock Jaws 02:10
4. Turnpike 02:35
5. Tri Square 02:05
6. Back Step 02:41
7. Lazy Loop 01:52
8. So Long 02:30
9. No For Yes 02:30
10. Late At Night 02:54
11. Bento Box 02:57
12. Humpfrey 02:07

»The Daily Concept universe: The go-to Conscious Hip Hop label from Leipzig, Germany, offers enormous creative potential in beat-making. IAMPAUL is part of this cosmos. By now, the multi-instrumentalist and MPC geek has been involved in countless choice pieces on highly acclaimed albums from Dude26 and Dude&Phaeb. He shows an enormous output, he will have a solo jazz album out soon, and his Golden Ticket Tape contribution – serial number 001 – is a hassle-free beat tape blueprint. The honor is all ours.«

released November 17, 2017
produced by IAMPAUL


Golden Ticket Tapes 002 by Alfred Quest

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1. Kieslaster 04:08
2. Stulle 01:22
3. Joni Federhall 01:37
4. Italo Rock 03:20
5. Underrun 02:01
6. Im Rausgehn 02:54
7. Moto X 01:48
8. Tastateur 02:53
9. Karate Kid 02:24
10. Superchop 01:51
11. FYI 00:16

»“Midlife Wellness“ was the title of Alfred Quest’s 2016 debut album. And yes, Tillmann Jarmer, Patrick Foellmer and Sascha Friedrich have seen so many stages, have spent so many days in studios, have left their twenties way behind. A little peace and quiet would be nice. And therefore, Alfred Quest’s music is like a walk in the woods, a smooth soundtrack rather than a bustling city. This tape feeds on the musical potential of the Berlin and Erfurt trio. Much of it is played live, breathing jazz, soul, electronica, lo-fi. Everything shines and radiates, dense harmonic carpentry across skeleton beats.«

released December 1, 2017
produced by Alfred Quest


Golden Ticket Tapes 003 by Tilmann Jarmer

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1. Mirror Intro 00:18
2. Rico 02:32
3. Crush 01:21
4. Kotao 01:48
5. Irakere 01:49
6. This That Ish 03:13
7. Weg 02:24
8. Tatsachen 02:02
9. Chicago 01:11
10. Sand 01:22
11. Terrasse 02:07

»Tilmann Jarmer is a ghost. Every now and then he materializes, releases fantastic music as part of the Alfred Quest crew, presents a stunning podcast or magical remix, and then he’s gone again. Germany’s biggest electronic music blog awards him the “Mix of the Year”, but well, a Soundcloud profile works just fine as the sole communication channel. It’s about the music, friends. So now here’s a beat tape that is incredibly fun, rich in ideas, musicality, and variety, and compiled with a huge grin.«

released December 15, 2017
produced by Tilmann Jarmer

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