Pre-Order: HOME GROWN (V. A.)

Pre-Order - HOME GROWN - Inner Ocean Records

Pre-Order: HOME GROWN (V. A. / Inner Ocean Records)

Bisher habe ich bei Inner Ocean Records „lediglich“ Tapes geordert. Nach Dominic Pierce – Hoop Loop$ folgt jetzt mit HOME GROWN (V. A.) mein zweites Vinyl vom kanadischen LoFi-Label. Auch dieses Vinyl sieht nicht nur sehr hübsch aus (Sky Blue + Pink Haze Vinyl), es ist wieder mit feinstem instrumentalem Hip Hop gefüllt. Inner Ocean hat 300 Kopien pressen lassen. Die Platte kann man bei Bandcamp oder direkt auf der Label-Seite vorbestellen. Der Versand soll Anfang März 2018 erfolgen.

Viel Spass beim reinhören!

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Trackliste – HOME GROWN (V. A.)

1. Keem The Cipher – (the i in we) 02:07
2. Eevee – Wonderland 04:30
3. Seneca B – Ethic 03:38
4. Rudemanners – Flow 02:56
5. Soho – Cenario 02:04
6. Kazumi Kaneda – Steep Cliff 03:30
7. Axian – Daydream 01:50
8. Idealism – Evenings 02:01
9. Arbour – Bump This 01:45
10. Knowmadic – Roam 02:08
11. Oatmello – Juice 01:56
12. Dominic Pierce – Energy Stream 02:01
13. Borealism – Hxmegrxwn 01:51
14. Kawfee – Satin 02:08
15. Senoy – Tibet 02:36

Pre-Order - HOME GROWN

„Modern music has been irrevocably changed by the home producer. With a few simple tools anyone with the desire and the creative juice can sit down in any space and craft some stellar music. This is truly remarkable! The communities that have blossomed out of this way of making music are nothing short of amazing.

HOME GROWN is our way of celebrating this great achievement in music and community! Together with STEEZYASFUCK, we have gathered some of our friends to put together this compilation of super fine instrumental beats, each of the 15 artists with their own unique flavour and style. We couldn’t be more proud and excited with the result, packaged up with the perfect original painting by Ivan Merlin. Sit back, enjoy the vibes and when you’re done go link up with your mates and make some beats, keep spreading that love❤“

released February 2, 2018

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