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Halloween Spooky Hop Special

Halloween Spooky Hop Special

Halloween Spooky Hop Special (Urban Waves)

Passend zum Volksfest der Untoten hat das belgische Label Urban Waves eine kleine Compilation rausgehauen. Halloween Spooky Hop Special nennt sich das gute und digitale Stück, dass von den Beatschmieden Pawcut, Smoke Trees, Philanthrope, Toonorth, Omaure, Manny und invention_ befeuert wird. Voll spooky! Grossartiger instrumentaler Soundtrack zum All Hallows’ Eve. Der Sampler steht bei Bandcamp als „name your price“ Download / Stream bereit.

Viel Spass beim reinhören!

Trackliste – Halloween Spooky Hop Special

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»Welcome ladies & gentlemen to this spooooktacular edition! Halloween is one of our favorite time of the year and we wanted to bring you a scary little compilation with the complicity of some of our favorite artists. We thought what else to do then putting together a fresh horror-core driven „spooky hop“ beat soundtrack for the occasion! So turn off the lights, light some candles and draw a pentagram. The perfect music to play for rituals or at the coming costume party or while you decorate your house with crazy props or even just to drive your kids to trick or treatin‘ it’s up to you in the end. As long as you keep the spirits pleased, this year will be just fine.«

Music by Bloody Pawcut, Omuerte, Burn Trees, Too“frozen to death“north, Mad Invention, Hang-Manny, Philanthropical disease & mummy.
Artwork by Alex „BOOOOO“rade
Mastering supervision by Paw“cut-throat“ at WTM
Published by Urban Waves Rituals
released October 24, 2018

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