Entro, Soulution, OPAQUE

Entro, Soulution, OPAQUE - Tapes 28

Entro, Soulution, OPAQUE – Tapes #28

YAGTE – Yet Another Global Tape Edition. Für Tapes #28 treten Kassetten gegeneinander an, die in Australien, in den Niederlanden und in den USA beattechnisch produziert wurden. ENTRO – 60k, Soulution – Sun Fragments vol​.​1 und OPAQUE – Moods nennen sich die Kontrahenten. Viel Spass beim reinhören!

ENTRO – 60k (Mt. Fuji Tapes / MF015)

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Side A

1. Survival Mode 02:19
2. Dive Bar 02:35
3. Bandage 02:15
4. Buddha Sack 03:10
5. Peace; lights 02:03
6. She Wanna Be Down 02:03
7. Mountain Pass 02:38
8. Skipping Class 02:42

Side B

9. It’s (not) Enough 02:09
10. 50 Bands & 70 Stacks 02:06
11. Acute 01:55
12. Baby We All Make Mistakes 02:28
13. Sleeping All Day 01:27
14. Late Night Ramen 02:24
15. Fighter Select 02:09
16. They Got A Thing Going On 02:16

„Full length beat tape from the Melbourne based artist, ENTRO//.

60k plays out like a dream you can’t quite remember but still cherish. The lush jazz samples and crisp percussion evoke those late nights that melt into foggy mornings without notice.

ENTRO// is a master of his craft and has created a tape that beautifully flows together and feels like an entire piece of artwork rather than separate tracks thrown together.

Topping out at just under 40 minutes, 60k is a tape that fully embodies the classic beat tapes that inspired it while also clearly laying out the unique sound and vision ENTRO// created.

Created using the Roland SP404sx and Boss 202.“

released November 5, 2017
All beats by ENTRO// (soundcloud.com/entrobeats)

Soulution – Sun Fragments vol​.​1「太陽のかけら」(Soulution / 001)

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Side A

1. Entero 00:38
2. Sun Fragments 03:06
3. Closure 02:52
4. Fragments Of Love 02:45
5. All Day 02:34
6. Open 01:02
7. First Light 02:20
8. Shine 02:34
9. Through It All 02:06

Side B

10. Crepuscle 03:15
11. Discover 03:43
12. Clear Voyage 03:14
13. Profundity 00:56
14. Get Up 01:20
15. Second Light 03:01
16. Blessed Arrival 04:24

„The first beattape of hiphop producer Soulution. The tape is called Sun Fragments vol.1 and it’s a 40 minutes beatape (A side 20 min & B side 20 min), special made for cassette. It contains a collection of 16 beats.

This tape takes you on a journey through a sparkling, jazzy, soulful, spacey and sometimes melodramatic universe.

Sun Fragments「太陽のかけら」: ‚Most fragments are well-hidden, requiring a very skilled person to uncover them.‘

Instruments used to make this tape:
MPC2500, MPC2000XL, Micro Korg, Nord Electro73, Yamahah Motif XS8, Micro Korg XL, Les Paul Epihone Gold Electric Guitar, Harley Benton Bass.“

released October 27, 2017
all beats made by: Soulution
Mastering by: Ivo Statinski

OPAQUE – Moods (East Blvd. Records / EASTBLVD001)

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1. No More Rainy Days 01:07
2. Bootsie 01:48
3. Fiyah 01:46
4. Infinite 01:50
5. Not Tonight 02:03
6. Rainbows 02:27
7. Girls 01:27
8. One 01:40
9. Superior System 01:10
10. She Said 01:44
11. Life & Death 01:23
12. Yesterday’s Love 01:13
13. Your Touch 01:47

released November 8, 2017
Mixing: OPAQUE
Mastering: Marleau

Fazit Tapes #28

Die Debüt-Tapes von Solution und East Blvd. Records wissen echt zu gefallen und spielen für mich in einer Liga. Da freut man sich schon auf potentielle Nachfolger. Für beide Kassetten lobe ich Silber aus. Gold gibt es für das Beattape ENTRO – 60k, dass über das grossartige Label Mt. Fuji Tapes vertrieben wird. Der australische Beatschmied von LAB Co., wo auch bryZone_ybp beheimatet ist, hat mit der 16 Tracks starken und ca. 40 Minuten Spieldauer belegten Kassette eindrucksvoll bewiesen, dass er ein ganz Grosser im Instrumental Hip Hop Business ist.

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