proud.palms, Paul Prime, snaer.

proud.palms, Paul Prime, snaer - The Tapeinvader Edition

proud.palms, Paul Prime, snaer. – The Tapeinvader Edition

Tapes #32 steht ganz im Zeichen des Tapeinvaders. Das Label aus dem hohen Norden der BRD hat die Kassetten proud.palms – east​.​blue blvd, Paul Prime – Blue Cheese und snaer. – leaves auf mein heimisches Tape Deck losgelassen. snaer. ist hier im Blog kein Unbekannter. proud.palms und Paul Prime feiern dagegen ihre Premiere bei Vinyl 41. Viel Spass beim reinhören!

proud.palms – east​.​blue blvd (TAPEINV017)

Side A

1. intro 00:44
2. east.blue blvd 02:02
3. thats.right 01:14
4. feel.me 01:35
5. all.day 01:20
6. night 01:39
7. before you go 01:28

Side B

8. nolights 01:48
9. tellthem 01:39
10. forever 01:00
11. leave.me 01:38
12. distraction 01:23
13. sp.file 00:51
14. mango.kush 01:56

„proud.palms is a producer and rapper from Flensburg, Germany. He is a member of the r-pugnantez hip-hop collective.
Already at his first release warm.tea, the focus was on an abstract and real lo-fi sound, which he largely maintains with east.blue blvd.
In combination with a few pitched rap vocals, he creates his own accoustical sphere, that invites you on a ride down east blue blvd.“

released December 23, 2017
All tracks produced by proud.palms.
Artwork by Esther Thelen
Ferro cassette tape C-21

Paul Prime – Blue Cheese (TAPEINV018)

Side A

1. Intro 01:05
2. Ill Technique 02:12
3. Labcabin 02:46
4. Sonic Boomin 02:23
5. Morning Cruise 02:07
6. Acapulco Gold 00:57
7. Through Your Stereo 02:59
8. Jazzcat 02:33
9. Sunny Meadows 02:50

Side B

10. Santa Cruz 00:49
11. Don’t Touch My Drums 01:57
12. Sparks Of La 03:40
13. Temple Of Kylee 01:29
14. Like A Sensei 03:08
15. Clayface 02:15
16. Out Of Stock 02:11
17. Strange Fruit 03:21
18. Lazin 01:06

„Paul Prime is a Dj and producer from Hamburg, Germany.
He is part of the 12 Drunkies family and live DJ of crewmate Dennis Real.

His party series Have A Break, which has brought him the acquaintance of many local artists, embodies a classic hip hop sound and so does this

For a few years he has been producing beats on an MPC2000xl himself, of which a selection has now been summarized on his first physical release blue cheese.“

released December 23, 2017
All tracks produced by Paul Prime.
Cover photography by Giuliano Banani
Ferro cassette tape C-40

snaer. – leaves (TAPEINV015)

Side A

1. intro 00:45
2. macadamia 01:32
3. ahorn 01:20
4. autumn 01:30
5. hidden.sugar 01:40
6. releks 01:28

Side B

7. searchin‘ 01:35
8. shoegoo 01:03
9. cherry.tree 00:45
10. syrup 01:14
11. laces 01:38
12. chestnut 01:26
13. outro 01:03

„Free instrumental ep by snaer.“

released October 25, 2017

(@tapeinvader Vielen Dank für das Tape! :-))

Fazit Tapes #32

Tapeinvader ist immer wieder eine gute Quelle für Kassetten (und Vinyl) aus dem Genre Instrumental Hip Hop. Im Dezember 2017 wurde noch mal ordentlich rangeklotzt und rausgehauen. Paul Prime feiert mit Blue Cheese sein analoges Debüt. proud.palms veröffentlicht mit east​.​blue blvd den Nachfolger seine Debüts warm.tea. Beides absolut lohnenswerte Anschaffungen. Zudem wurde mir noch das Promo Tape snaer. – leaves zugespielt. Hamma! Wirklich wieder richtig gutes Zeug, was da vom Kieler Label auf die Kassettenspieler der Welt losgelassen wurde. 3x oberstes Treppchen und 3x Empfehlung pur!

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