Stainlexz, Gadget, El Jazzy Chavo

Stainlexz, Gadget, El Jazzy Chavo

Stainlexz, Gadget, El Jazzy Chavo – Tapes #12

Tapes #12 steht an. Für diese Ausgabe liefen Kassetten von Stainlexz, Gadget und El Jazzy Chavo durch den in Berlin-Friedenau stationierten Player. The Real Mixtape, Mood Swings Instrumentals und Today the sun falls in the east … Viel Spaß beim reinhören!

Stainlexz – The Real Mixtape (POSTPARTUM.)

A01 Winterlandschaft
A02 Sugar Man
A03 Nachtschwärmer
A04 Me And My Crew
A05 Fractal Feelings
A06 Lass Mich Versuchen
A08 Rhodes On The Road
A09 Weekly Depression
A10 Spetznaz
A11 Summer Nights
A12 Life Is Laboom
A13 10 Jahre

B01 Lhive
B02 Poetry
B03 Stundents We All
B04 90210
B05 Auf Den Gleisen
B06 Shadow On Granit
B07 Be The Man
B08 Gonna Give You
B09 My Way
B10 No Hollywood
B11 Stadt Am Ufer (Bonus)
B12 I’m Ready (Bonus)
B13 Daily Train (Bonus)

released September 17, 2017
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Stainlexz
Cover Photography: Marcel K.
Cover Layout: Satu „Baboness“ Nerbel

Gadget – Mood Swings Instrumentals (Millennium Jazz Music)

1. Intro – Setting The Mood 01:02
2. Modern Reflective Instrumental 03:05
3. Memory Package 02:28
4. Trust 03:36
5. Turning Point Skit 00:34
6. Favourite Things 03:50
7. Where The Wild Things Are 03:49
8. One of those Days 04:08
9. Dear Future Self 04:30
10. Outro 00:39
11. Milestone 03:07
12. From Where The Love Came 04:28
13. The Beat Goes On 03:46

„Following the recent release of Lady Paradox & Gadget’s beautiful Mood Swings LP and all of the requests for the instrumental version, MJM decided to respond to the words of the people and release the Mood Swings instrumentals and those from the bonus tracks on the album. So we hope you will enjoy the production side of this project as much as the vocal version and dive deeper into the sequences and arrangements produced by Gadget which went on to inspire Lady Paradox’s concepts and penmanship.“

released January 20, 2017
MJM104/INST Mood Swings Instrumentals
Produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Gadget at the Audio Dojo
All artwork designed and edited by J. Greenway

El Jazzy Chavo – Today the sun falls in the east

1. Winderful 02:40
2. Liquid instrumentalism 03:34
3. Staccato snare drum 02:30
4. Inner secrets 02:52
5. Raw truth 02:20
6. Earthscapes 02:16
7. Respiration 03:09
8. Eastern sounds 02:58
9. Flying into sunset 01:49
10. Abstract blue 02:32
11. Contradictions 03:49

„Dusty vinyls, an old turntable, a sampler, some coffee and a lot of inspiration. The sun fell in the east. Go with the flow.“

released March 7, 2017

Fazit Tapes #12

Stainlexz – The Real Mixtape ist das neueste Produkt aus dem Hause POSTPARTUM. und ein richtig gutes Ding. El Jazzy Chavo – Today the sun falls in the east und Gadget – Mood Swings Instrumentals sind nicht mehr die frischesten Tapes, aber immer noch richtig gut. Besonders letzteres Album, die instrumentale Version von Lady Paradox & Gadget’s Mood Swings LP, hat es mir besonders angetan. Sowas von chillig und jazzig, da hat Millennium Jazz Music mal wieder richtig einen rausgehauen.

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