Oboone, Upper Class, Graves

Oboone, Upper Class, Graves - Tapes 25

Oboone, Upper Class, Graves – Tapes #25

Tapes #25. Alta! Dafür musste ein Menge Magnetband aufgerollt werden. In diese Jubiläumsausgabe haben es die Kassetten der Beatbastler Oboone, Upper Class und Graves geschafft. Chop Suey (LabOhr), NOSTALGIC. und tomorrow tape (Mt. Fuji Tapes) nennen sich die instrumentalen Kunstwerke.

Viel Spass beim reinhören!

Oboone – Chop Suey (LabOhr)

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1. Intro 01:19
2. Pad Gospel 01:16
3. Mans World 01:57
4. Discoball 03:25
5. Good Reefer 02:20
6. Antrophology 02:51
7. Groove Like Me 02:58
8. Pad Bank 02:23
9. Mind Blown 02:48
10. Mediterrane 02:49
11. Plastom 02:01
12. Prophecy 03:28
13. Tell Her 02:03
14. Someday 02:43
15. Walk With Me 03:12

„Obo has spent a lifetime crafting beats, finding his own sound with a ton of soul sampling and gritty boom bap. Locked in the lab for years, Obo has emerged laden with gems and we are now able to present the latest and heaviest selection from this master of the MPC. Chop Suey is back to back bangers, get stuck in!“

released November 1, 2017

Upper Class – NOSTALGIC.

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1. A01 dubistdope_. 01:35
2. A02 low.fai 01:36
3. A03 balkon 01:26
4. A04 gas station (interlude) 00:39
5. A05 heroin_2 01:15
6. A06 ride with me 01:34
7. A07 night shift 01:25
8. A08 lights off 00:57
9. A09 interior 01:14
10. B01 delirium (interlude) 00:34
11. B02 westberlin 01:02
12. B03 library 01:20
13. B04 june 01:02
14. B05 regular 01:24
15. B06 vibin‘ 2002 01:47
16. B07 subnautica 01:19
17. B08 outro 00:24

„Nostalgia is a sentimentality for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

whenever i’m asked how i would describe my own music, i tell that it expresses my sense for melancholy and nostalgia, joined by what’s going on in my actual life. every single beat i made so far, as short as each of them might be, captures a small time frame of my life and the feelings that i associate with it. Whenever i go back to listening to stuff that I made one, two or even three years ago, i can immediately remember re-feel the way that life felt for me at that particular time. preserving memories by kind of „storing“ them in beats is one of the biggest pleasures that i see in making my own music, and i’m astonished i didn’t discover this kind of pleasure earlier. so – this is my latest collection of work. enjoy!“

released August 25, 2017
music, photograph and artwork by upper class

graves – tomorrow tape (Mt. Fuji Tapes)

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1. lee 02:50
2. corona 01:06
3. i aint shit 01:10
4. caul 01:39
5. sundays 01:48
6. field 01:39
7. ooh 00:55
8. morning blunt 01:09
9. 404 01:04
10. tomppa flip 01:05
11. birb 01:00
12. sunrise 02:07
13. mission_district 01:45
14. nevr 02:06
15. dolores [outro] 00:40

„First full length beat tape from graves. Channeling vibes of hazy morning dreams.“

released July 25, 2017
All beats by graves

Fazit Tapes #25

Auch wenn ich Chop Suey (als Nahrungsmittel) nicht wirklich mag, das Tape von Oboone macht richtig Spass. Samples aus Soul und von Klavierstücken, eine wilde Mischung die passt. Boom Bap vom feinsten. Upper Class macht in NOSTALGIC. Oldschoolige, chillige und leicht sentimentale Beats, mit denen man von der Vergangenheit träumen kann. Das tomorrow tape vom graves wurde mir empfohlen. (Wenn ich nur noch wüsste von wem???) Ich habe die Kassette „blind“ gekauft und es nicht bereut. Lo-Fi pur. So wie es das Label Mt. Fuji Tapes verspricht (Record Label specializing in Lo-Fi beat tapes).

Gewinner von Tapes #25: gibt es keinen. Verlierer von Tapes #25: gibt es erst recht nicht! Alle drei Kassetten sind eine Empfehlung des Hauses.

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